Eastbourne Christian Film Maker Seeking Cinematographer

To whom it may concern,

I go to Holy Trinity church (Eastbourne) and I am currently making a Christian feature film. It will be a 2 hour film and will eventually be distributed all over the world.  Although this film is a small budget I do have some finance to pay a Christian cinematographer to help us out. 90 per cent of the footage will be filmed in Eastbourne.

I also have all the equipment needed, locations, and the rest of the crew.  I am having difficulty finding a Christian cinematographer so was wondering if you could help by advertising this throughout Eastbourne churches?

This is a short synopsis of the film… When Shawn Lett is released from prison, he starts to work for a local crime organisation. Shawn believes that this is a great move for his reputation and future, but things quickly spiral out of control. Shawn becomes quickly entangled in lies and deciet, realizing he has made a huge mistake that will cost him dearly.

Shawn finds solase in a stranger who directs Shawn  towards Christianity, guiding Shawn that having faith in God is the only thing that will protect him. ,  At first Shawn scoffs at the thought of a God  protecting his needs,  but when darkness overwhelms his life further, Shawn has no choice  but to fight these demons.  Twists and turns are around every corner of this epic story but will Shawn be save by his faith or surrender his life  to evil

My contact is frost.louis@yahoo.co.uk and my number is 07482785618. Thank you

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