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Eastbourne Civic Prayer Breakfast – 24 March 2023

Your personal invitation to:

Eastbourne Civic Prayer Breakfast

To be held in:
The Floral Hall
Winter Garden, Compton Street
Eastbourne BN21 4BP
in the presence of
The Mayor Cllr. Pat Rodohan

on Friday 24 March 2023
7.45am for 8am until 9.45am

Guest speaker:
Debra Green OBE

RSVP by Friday 24 February
or email

Welcome to Eastbourne Civic Prayer Breakfast

Prayer Breakfasts
There has been a National Prayer Breakfast in the Houses of Parliament for some years involving those in positions of leadership, and from this has grown a network of Breakfasts across the nation. The Eastbourne Breakfast grew out of the East Sussex Breakfast in the year 2000.
The Breakfast invites leaders from all walks of life in our town to meet, network, and hear how the Christian Faith can enrich our communities.


A welcome from the Chair and a greeting from the Mayor Cllr.
A brief time of led prayer

The Speaker:
Debra Green OBE


Close 9.45am

The fruit of righteousness will be peace.
The effect of righteousness will be
quietness and confidence for ever.
Isaiah 32:17


Debra Green OBE is the National Director and Founder of Redeeming Our Communities (ROC), founded in 2004; a registered charity and Limited company. She is frequently asked to speak at events and conferences.  Debra has 25 years of experience in bringing organisations together towards the goal of social transformation, starting with her home city of Manchester.

Since 2004, this work has expanded and she has acted as a consultant to many other towns and cities with significant results. Such work has attracted interest from public services and local authorities who are impressed by the proven track record and results achieved. She received an OBE in 2012 in recognition of services to community cohesion.

Debra has had several books published. ‘City-changing prayer’ by Debra and Frank Green in 2005, ‘ROC Your World – changing communities for good’ in 2014. ‘Mountain Moving Prayer’ in March 2019.

(Park in College Road or nearby and enter through the College Road Car Park to access the Floral Hall in the Winter Garden)

Righteousness exalts a nation
but sin is a reproach to any people
Proverbs 14:34 (ESV)

Sanctuary Cafe 8 fold increase in impact

Most of the Eastbourne Churches will be familiar with the work of Sanctuary Cafe over the past 6 years – ie supporting Asylum Seekers, Refugees, and other immigrants who are in Eastbourne.

However, the ministry has grown considerably in recent months – we are now a registered ‘Community Interest Company’ (The Sanctuary, Eastbourne CIC) in our own right (ie no longer a ministry under the umbrella of Kings Church, Hampden Park, to whom we remain very grateful for all their support in enabling us to become established and to grow in line with the need), and the use of 4 hotels in Eastbourne by the Home Office for currently over 300 asylum seekers has added new challenges, in terms of the increased numbers of people we now serve, and to our endeavours to help meet their needs. One consequence has been that we have needed to separate off the English Language Classes, previously held as part of our Friday drop-in at All Souls Church, and these are now held on Thursdays at The Way (formerly the Christian Resource Centre, on Seaside Road), and also at the Eastbourne Library.

We see an average of 60 guests at the Thursday English Language Classes, and from 80-100+ at the Friday drop-in. Eighteen months ago, the number was closer to 20/25!

We have been privileged to refer a number of our guests to Eastbourne Churches (and had the joy of attending some subsequent baptisms!), and we have provided many Farsi Bibles, and other Christian literature, to our Afghan and Iranian guests.

My purpose in writing to you is to say we would love the opportunity to share, for five or ten minutes – perhaps during morning church Services – and bring the local churches up-to-date regarding this unique and challenging ministry. Any church interested can contact me at <> or on 07484 152210, and I’ll be delighted to arrange for myself, or one of our other directors, to come.

Every blessing

Graham Horsnell
The Sanctuary, Eastbourne

Prayer Day on Saturday 28th January

Several local churches are joining forces to host a day of prayer for Eastbourne.

They will use this time as an opportunity to build the momentum of gathering to worship and pray as they prepare for the Thy Kingdom Come event planned for Eastbourne seafront later in the year. This initial day together will be followed by joint prayer meetings once a month, with a different church hosting each time, between now and May in anticipation of Thy Kingdom Come.

House Swaps and Free Holidays

Christian Church and House Swap … a way to arrange swaps of homes for free holidays all over the country and in Europe … CHACS has been running for 20 years and thousands of successful holidays have taken place in that time … see for details of how to register and how it works …

Bible By The Beach – Helpers Needed

Bible by the Beach 2023 – 28 April –  01 May 2023
We are hugely thankful for the servant-hearts of the many folk who make Bible by the Beach happen! Our fabulous team of volunteers are busy behind the scenes caring and teaching our children and young people, feeding the workers, fuelling our speakers and seminar leaders, keeping the tech working, offering accommodation, assisting with administration and many, many other things… They do an amazing job and they look like they are enjoying it too!!

Would you enjoy being part of a team – stewards,  kitchen,  tech, youth/children  – and help make BBTB 2023 happen?

Could you offer accommodation for other volunteers?

Do you know someone who would enjoy being part of this?

·       Are you involved in the youth or children’s work at your church? If so, why not come along and be inspired and refreshed by being part of the excellent work at BBTB?

·       We need a committed team of kitchen helpers – chopping, washing, cleaning stirring – whilst being part of team providing excellent, simple meals for the workers! Is this something you could offer? You are always much appreciated!

·       Join the stewarding/welcoming team! Ensuring the smooth running of the event and always being there to help!

·       We are looking for home-stay hosts – folk with a spare bedroom or two who could provide bed and breakfast for the youth/children’s team volunteers. Is this something you could offer?

Drop us an email at  – we would love to hear from you!

Glyndley Manor January-February Events

  • Getting to the root of the problem                            20-22 January

As with weeds in a garden, there are issues in life that you may keep trying to deal with but somehow, they keep rising up again, which can cause frustration, overwhelming guilt, shame and a myriad of additional issues which just makes the situation worse.

This course seeks to investigate beyond the presenting issues and looks to the roots that can hold us into these struggles. With a compassionate and non-judgemental approach, it seeks to bring clarity to why you have the problems that you face daily in your life as well a Biblical understanding of Gods heart and pathway for moving into a life of freedom.

“I came with an agenda and although this was met, the ministry went beyond this and actually got to the REAL root of the problem – not what I had actually expected.” -Guest

Find out more:


  • Healing Weekend 1: Freedom from Fear & Control          27-30 January

Discovering God’s place of safety, His love and peace.



So many of us struggle with some level of fear or anxiety and it can feel like it has been with us for a lifetime. We feel controlled by it, driven away from the fullness of life or driven towards or even locked into behaviours to manage life.

During this special 4-Day Healing Weekend we will gently explore how Jesus wants to bring the heart of God to the pain and wounding that come with fear and issues of control. In Luke 4 it tells us that Jesus came to heal the broken hearted and to bring liberty to those who are captive.

Find out more:


Free Taster Day at Glyndley Manor                       4 February, 9:30am – 5:00pm


This taster day is designed to be a gentle introduction to the subjects of Christian healing and discipleship and to the work of Ellel Ministries. It’s a starting place for people looking for answers to personal struggles, or for those seeking to deepen their understanding of prayer and healing ministry to help others.

The day will explore the biblical principles and the heart of God for restoration of our lives and how healing is an essential part of the discipleship process. This taster course is ideal for those wondering if God is able or willing to help them with the everyday issues of life and things that still hinder from the past.

The aim is that you receive renewed hope and a certain knowledge that God is, in His very nature, a healer and restorer and that in Him there is an answer to all yours and others needs.

Bite-sized Teaching Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to Ellel Ministries and Healing
  • Inner Healing
  • Deliverance Ministry
  • Ungodly Fear
  • How to Hear God
  • Genesis to Revelation in an Hour!


There is also an opportunity for prayer ministry at the end of the day. Please note that the day is only for adults over the age of 18.

Find out more:


REVIVE 1: A Life with a Purpose                                               14th February

God wants to revive us!

He knows our weaknesses and struggles. He knows that we often feel stuck and unable to move forward in our Christian walk. He knows we can’t fix it on our own and He knows the shame we often feel for struggling in the first place.


Revive is a series of free evening events available for anyone to attend. Held at each of our UK centres, they are for those who want to grow in their relationship with God, to find new life in Him and to then share that life with others.

By choosing any or all of these evening events you will start to discover:

  • Core biblical principles behind Christian healing ministry
  • How inner healing profoundly empowers our walk with God
  • All the different teachings and residential retreats that Ellel Ministries offers

Further Details:


Doors are open at 7.00pm, and each evening will begin at 7.30pm with a time of worship. There will be a short teaching and an opportunity to respond to the Lord during a time of prayer.


After the meeting there will be time for refreshments with the evening closing 9.30pm.

Find out more:

Crowborough Charity Seeking Local Venues for Clothes Recycling Bins

Donations through our clothing bins enable World in Need to raise critical funding for our projects around the world, as well as providing supporters with the opportunity to recycle clothes that may otherwise contribute to landfill.

You can help by allowing us to house one of our clothes recycling bins.  These bins are:

  • A unique way of raising funds for mission
  • Help create a focus on your location in the community
  • Don’t compete with your other Missions giving
  • Are environmentally friendly and encourage all to be environmentally friendly
  • Allow people to give in ways that are not financial