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Baby Support Charity Seeking Operating Venue in Eastbourne

Baby Bank & Beyond CIC is volunteer run and accepts good quality, donated items of clothing, equipment (like prams and highchairs), bedding and  toys and distributes them to families who, for whatever reason, may be unable to provide basic items for their baby to be, baby or child.

Although we mainly cover Eastbourne, we also reach Heathfield, Hailsham, Polegate, Pevensey and Lewes.  We are open to requests not only from health and community professionals but also from families directly.

We are currently hosted in Eastbourne by Simon Rooksby at Computers for Charities who has been very kind and generous to us over the last 12 months and without whose support we would not still be operating.

In the next 18 months it is likely demand will dictate that we will outgrow the space we have been given and sadly, we will be seeking an alternative venue.

We hoped that a space inside a community church would be suitable as many of our Baby Bank values are also Christian values.

We seek a large room that we can access independently, that will be suitable for families to pick up and deliver to and will have access to facilities for our volunteers (all of whom are DBS checked).

I will need to apply for funding to cover the costs associated with any venue.

I am hoping that someone might consider sharing some space with us in 2025 so we can increase the number of families we assist more effectively and increase our volunteer numbers.

Nicky Walker

Penhurst Retreat Centre News

Looking for some time out to rest, refresh and refocus with God?  Or to meet with a small group such as leadership team, Alpha group, book club, friendship group, prayer triplet or church homegroup?

Penhurst Retreat Centre is a small, friendly Christian retreat centre where a warm welcome is offered to all.  Situated near Battle, East Sussex, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 8 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald.  The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience His love.

We currently have availability for individual and groups as follows:

• Monday 21 – Friday 24 May

• Friday 24 – Sunday 26 May *IDEAL FOR A GROUP*

• Tuesday 28 – Friday 31 May


See for more information and booking, or contact the office on or 01424 892088.


There are also spaces still available on the following upcoming led retreats:


Friday 24 May, 10am – 4pm:  Touching the Hem of His Garment

Non-residential £50

Jesus said He came to heal the broken-hearted… This Healing Encounter day led by the Beauty from Ashes team, offers opportunity to engage with Jesus the Healer through worship, short talks, time for stillness and reflection, and optional one to one prayer ministry.  Led by Carol Bostock and the Beauty from Ashes team.


Friday 31 May – Sunday 2 June:  Praying In and Out

Residential £270 / Non-residential £175

To live well we need to be good both at breathing in and breathing out! And our life with God is the same. But it`s very human for us to over-focus on either praying in or praying out. This retreat looks at prayer in a broad sense and opens opportunity to find more balance in our life with God. We`ll explore how to receive from God as well as expressing ourselves to God; how to rest in as well as serving our loving Creator. Led by Val Freeman


Monday 3 June, 10am – 3pm:  Quarterly Day of Prayer for the Mission

Do you have a heart for the nations? Do you know mission workers who need prayer support? Come and join us for a day of prayer for the worldwide mission community. No charge but donations towards the cost of a light lunch would be appreciated.


Mon 10 – Thurs 13 June:  New Directions – Transition and Change for Mission Partners

Residential £395 / Non-residential £245

This retreat/workshop is for full-time Christian workers returning to the UK after ministry overseas or for an extended home assignment. It provides an opportunity to `unpack` the transition process and issues around adjustment in a context of group discussion, reflection and prayer within the beautiful setting of the retreat centre. Led by Jack and Sandra Telfer


Friday 14 June, 10am – 4pm:  Jonah – The Depth of God`s Grace

Non-residential £45

`Jonah and the Whale` could easily be viewed as a fairy tale or a fantasy – something that sits outside the main thrust of the Old Testament. But of course, it isn`t! It speaks of a sovereign God, who is rich in mercy, whose compassionate love for the lost then, remains the same today. Join us as we `plumb the depths` of this short but significant Old Testament book.  Led by Rev Gary Cregeen.


Friday 14 – Sunday 16 June:  Well-being weekend

Residential £270 / Non-residential £175

A well-being weekend is a safe and supportive space for people who feel or have felt overwhelmed, providing tools for self-management in a facilitated peer mentoring style setting. This weekend will cover subjects of perfectionism, shame and anger, using material from Kintsugi Hope. The sessions include group and individual activities designed to help participants accept themselves, understand their value and worth, and grow towards a more resilient and hopeful future. Led by Jason and Vicki Cottingham.


Friday 21 June, 10am – 4pm:  Daring to Talk about Grief

Non-residential £45

A space for those whose bereavement was 6 months ago or longer (no upper limit – the death could have occurred 20 or more years ago) to connect with their grief in a supportive environment. The day includes input about common themes of the grieving process; opportunities to speak about your own experience in a small and safe group and some quiet time for reflection. You will not be expected to talk about anything you are not ready or willing to talk about. Led by Shirley Skrenty.


See for more information and booking, or contact the office on or 01424 892088.


PARCHE seeks Coordinator

Are you passionate about reaching older people for Christ?
PARCHE (The Church in Care Homes) invites applications for a part-time Local Coordinator.
The post is for 20 hours per calendar month (flexible), and working from home.
You will need to raise the profile of PARCHE in the Eastbourne area by:

Speaking in local Church meetings and raising volunteers
Leading Basic training and Safeguarding training for all volunteer teams
Linking new teams with a local Care Home to lead a monthly time of worship
Arranging and leading local Prayer Meetings every month (to be shared with others)
Giving ongoing support and encouragement to teams
Liaising with Office Manager as necessary
Reporting to Trustees approximately every 3 months.

Full details of pay and conditions available.
Please apply to the Parche office: 01323 438527
or reply to

Glyndley Manor Events May 2024

Explore A4 Overcoming Rejection & Betrayal      17-18 May

Facing rejection and betrayal can cripple our hearts and minds. It pervades many aspects of our lives as we struggle with consequential fears, insecurities and relationship problems. It can break our trust and faith in others, in ourselves and even in God, leaving us feeling isolated and insecure.

Yet, Scripture teaches us that we are unconditionally loved, accepted and a vital part of God’s family… a place where we can belong and be free to be ourselves. A sense of inadequacy, guilt or shame can hold us back from embracing these truths and we seek to protect our hearts from further rejection and betrayal.

This course will explore how rejection first came into the world and the consequences of it. We will look at how it can form distorted beliefs about our own acceptability to God, to others and even to ourselves and how God’s loving acceptance and His truth can transform our lives, bringing us to a place of assurance and peace once again.

 Find out more:


Connect 2: Listening & Seeking                                                    22 May

We talk more nowadays about connection than ever before, often in terms of connecting to the internet or mobile signal. Connecting to the heart of God can have similar frustrations: lack of clarity, inability to make things work, lack of understanding and knowledge … it can all contribute to a frustrated Christian life.

Since we are made as creative beings, in the image of Creator God, creativity often allows us to connect to God in a fresh and deeper way. It isn’t about being artistic or gifted at crafts, rather it is allowing an expression of the human spirit that goes beyond the constraints of words or through life’s filters and perceptions.

Throughout this day there will be plenty of opportunity for guided and creative projects aimed at facilitating a deeper connection with God and allow Him to speak directly into your heart. Glyndley Manor runs a number of Connect courses throughout the year, each with a slightly different theme highlighted in the title.

 Find out more:


Restoration Week 3: The Men’s Week      31 May – 6 June

Restoration Weeks are an insightful blend of teaching and ministry, designed to build you back up from a place of woundedness into renewal. Ellel Glyndley Manor runs four different Restoration Weeks every year, each having a different teaching theme woven in.

This week will take you on an adventure personally and spiritually. Suitable for younger or older men, this week aims to strengthen you as a man of God within the corrupted world we find ourselves in. The course seeks to help answer questions most men don’t usually have the opportunity to ask. Relevant male issues are covered across teaching sessions on topics such as headship, the call to manhood, overcoming sexual temptation, the godly expression of emotions, including anger, and restoration from failure. This special Men’s Week will include times of teaching, creativity, fellowship and personal confidential prayer for those who would like it.

Find out more:


Healing Encounters Weekend – Crowhurst

Next month (24th – 26th May), Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre (CCHC) are holding a Healing Encounters Weekend.  The weekend is for those who are seeking to facilitate a deeper personal encounter with the Lord who heals.  The Healing Encounters Weekend encourages and helps participants to journey with the Lord using one of the gospel accounts of Jesus healing.  Over the weekend guests will have opportunities to apply the gospel story in their own lives and meet with the Lord in a healing encounter, which can happen in a variety of ways.  Prices include full board accommodation at our peaceful healing and retreat Centre in the East Sussex countryside.  Crowhurst train station is on the Hastings to Charring Cross line and CCHC is a 5 minute walk from the station.

There are a handful of places left on our May weekend (24th – 26th) and plenty of places left on our August (9th -11th) and November (8th – 10th) weekends.  Please book via the website call us on 01424 830204.

Prophetic For All – 6-8 June, River of Life, Langney

Thursday 6th, Friday 7th and Saturday 8th June

6-8.30pm – Prophetic for All

‘Are you curious about the prophetic? Wondering how it can impact your life? This event is designed to bring together people from all walks of life who are interested in exploring the prophetic realm.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn, grow, and be encouraged as you hear stories of how the prophetic has touched lives and brought transformation.

River of Life Church, St Barnabas, Langney

There are also daytime events for Church leaders and those seeking further understanding – see below

At Prophetic for ALL, you’ll also have the chance to participate in interactive sessions where you can receive personal prophetic words and insights. It’s a unique opportunity to gain clarity, direction, and encouragement for your own journey.’

Friday 7th June 10-4pm – Leaders Day
‘As leaders how do we steward the prophetic gifts in our churches?’ ‘How do we nurture and mentor the prophets in our midst?’How do we fit together as apostles, pastors, teachers, evangelists and prophets? Come and be encouraged as Rebecca unpacks how we can grow together, strengthening and releasing the prophetic voices, working together for the building up of the body of Christ in love.

Join us for a time of prophetic equipping and leadership sharpening with Rebecca King, senior leader of Invictus Prophetic Global, who has a long-established call to nurture prophets and build people with Godly character in the Ekklesia.

Rebecca and team will be pointing us to the ways of Jesus in all things, whilst speaking into the times we are in and equipping us to be overcomers and Kingdom builders together. She will teach on how prophets work together with apostles, pastors, teachers and evangelists and there will be plenty of chance to interact and ask questions.

ALL leaders are welcome, whether you are a senior apostle, pastor, youth leader or childrens worker.’

Saturday 8th June 10-4pm – Intensive day for prophets & watchmen
Join us for a time of prophetic teaching and activation with Rebecca King, senior leader of Invictus Prophetic Global, who has a long-established call to nurture prophets and prophetic people and build people with Godly character in the Ekklesia.

Rebecca and team will bring an understanding of the times we are in prophetically and work with you to  bring sharpening, direction, teaching, equipping and exhortation to you i- helping to  build and shape your character into that of a prophet that will be able to stand firm in this season.

There may be a shedding of some unnecessary baggage and a mindset shift involved – but we are used to that, aren’t we?’

Tickets for all these events are here – Discover Invictus Prophetic Global Events & Activities in London, United Kingdom | Eventbrite

Praying For Eastbourne – Could You Prayer Walk Your Area

Immediately after the Bandstand service there will be baptisms in the sea.  Following that the Prayer Walk around the circumference of Eastbourne will set off, walking along the seafront to Holywell Spring and then up the hill to Beachy Head (those unable to walk can catch the open top bus and join the walkers at the top.)

If you would like to join the walkers for the whole week or for any part of the route, please use our Sign up sheet for circuit walk[12404] Please fill in and return it as indicated on the sheet.

We look forward with anticipation and faith as we progress through 2024, uniting together to pray over our town and area.  ‘Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.  It’s like the precious ointment on the head, that ran down upon Aaron’s beard and down his garments.  It’s like the dew on Mount Hermon, the mountains of Zion.  There the Lord commands the blessing – life for evermore’.  Just as we experienced when we prayed together at Victoria on Sunday 17th March!  Jesus told us that when only two or three gather together in his name, he will be present with them and hear their prayer of agreement – how much more when we gather in our hundreds …

With our blessings,

John and Yvonne Pressdee, Les and Judith Moir, Bill and Linda Owen and Martyn and Sue Relf