Are You Mindful of Christ?

Victoria Baptist Church and Mindful of Christ Ministries have an in person event and course coming up. Would you be able to add these to the church notices, website, Social Media and/or newsletter at all please?

Here are the details:

‘Who do you think you are?’ FREE workshop on Identity in Christ, 15th April, 10.30-12pm

Do you know in your heart, your true identity in Christ?
Who do you think you are? Really?
Do you believe that you’re a burden, no good, fearful, useless, unloved, or even worthless and perhaps doubt what God says about you?
If these beliefs are all too familiar, then you are invited to this free in person Christian Transformation Workshop, ‘Who do you think you are?’
We will have a look at those beliefs and begin to reframe them, so you can begin your journey into knowing who you truly are and that; you are a Child of God, you are loved, you do have a purpose, you are wonderful and you are valuable. Ultimately gaining clarity and deep assurance of your identity in Christ.
This is an in-person event and will take place at Victoria Baptist Church in Eastbourne.
Register here:

2/ ‘Christian Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ £45 for 7 week Course & book (RRP £8.99) , start date 20th April, 6.30pm

Do you experience doubt, fear, stress & anxiety & have a negative perception of yourself & the world? Are you a Christian & want to transform this mindset to a more positive one; with certainty & confidence?

Then this group programme will equip you with the tools & techniques you need to make long lasting emotional & Spiritual change.

This group programme will meet at Victoria Baptist Church, Eastbourne and will run over a course of 7 weeks.
Register here:

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