August Courses at Ellel Ministries, Glyndley Manor

11 – 12 AUG 2023

We need to know how we can gain freedom and victory from the enemy, something which is only possible because of Jesus’ death on the cross.

This course exposes the enemy’s tactics to undermine the work and will of God. It brings a biblical understanding of the deliverance ministry, the lessons that can be learned from the way Jesus ministered to people in the gospels, who deliverance is for, how the enemy can gain a foothold, and how Jesus has given us His power and authority to bring freedom to others.

But the emphasis will be on the good news of the Gospel; Jesus came to set the captives free and His victory on the Cross has defeated all the powers of Satan. Focussing on how to apply this victory to our personal lives, it aims to bring deep spiritual freedom to the strongholds of the enemy.

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9 AUG 2023

We talk more nowadays about connection than ever before, often in terms of connecting to the internet or mobile signal. Connecting to the heart of God can have similar frustrations: lack of clarity, inability to make things work, lack of understanding and knowledge … it can all contribute to a frustrated Christian life.

Since we are made as creative beings, in the image of Creator God, creativity often allows us to connect to God in a fresh and deeper way. It isn’t about being artistic or gifted at crafts, rather it is allowing an expression of the human spirit that goes beyond the constraints of words or through life’s filters and perceptions.

Throughout this day there will be plenty of opportunity for guided and creative projects aimed at facilitating a deeper connection with God and allow Him to speak directly into your heart. Glyndley Manor runs a number of Connect courses throughout the year, each with a slightly different theme highlighted in the title.

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Discover what it means to be a woman in God’s eyes.


14 – 20 AUG 2023

As a woman, defining your personhood can be a challenge that begins from a young age, through your teenage years and continues through adulthood. God created men and women with distinct differences and godly womanhood has not always been well represented in the world’s view, creating a confusion about what it really means to be a woman. Navigating personal, cultural and media expectations can lead you to experiencing a sense of losing who you truly are and what it really is to be a woman of God.

If life has caused you to lose something of your womanhood or to challenge acceptance of yourself as a woman, a wife, a daughter or a sister, then maybe you could consider taking some time out to explore God’s purpose and heart for women. Through looking at women in the Bible and the integral roles they played in God’s divine plan, this course aims to break down wrong beliefs developed through cultural expectation, media pressure and past experiences.

There will be time for creative expression and personal prayer ministry to help you untangle any inner confusion or lies as well as time to listen to hear God speak to you, His daughter, personally.

Maybe it is time for you to break free from the shackles of the past and find personal release to be the woman God created you to be, a delight to Him with a strong purpose in His divine plans.

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25 – 28 AUG 2023

Many people live with the pressure of working at an outer persona that is seemingly acceptable whilst experiencing a very real sense of emptiness on the inside. Lost in negative patterns of behaviour, just going through the motions of being a Christian, there can be a deep sense of isolation and wondering if there is more.

This creativity course is not simply an opportunity to do crafts and creative activities, instead, God uses the creativity to reach us deep on the inside. It provides an opportunity for connection – real connection with God and others. A kind of connection that happens when God’s Spirit touches our heart and where our mind is not dictating the process.

If you feel an ache in your heart for a deeper connection with God, then this course may be the key to experiencing God’s healing heart in way you never have before.

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