Care Home Charity Seeks New Volunteers and Church Support

To church leaders in Eastbourne.

As we have all been aware , the pandemic has taken its toll on many sectors and none more so than the vulnerable living in Care homes. For well over a year strict restrictions have been placed on visits and items into all homes throughout the country.

PARCHE is a local Christian Charity and has for over 20 years been sending small teams into Eastbourne homes to share the Christian message and run short services for residents who are unable to go to a local church or who are not currently linked to them. Volunteers form teams from one or several churches working together ..

We are so grateful that many church fellowships have shared in our work both financially over the years..

We are now beginning to receive requests from homes enquiring about re commencing visits but unfortunately the circumstances for many volunteers over the last 18 months have changed and some have felt that they are unable to continue with this aspect of Christian service for a variety of reasons.

We are, therefore, making contact with churches in Eastbourne to share our vision of reaching to care homes as they beginn to emerge from the lockdown.
We have produced a short video sketch highlighting our work and are asking for this to be shown to congregations with the hope that that individuals may feel led to help with this aspect of Christian Service. We would ask if you could show it during your main service or at church home or house groups.

We would be happy to discuss this further or meet anyone who might wish to be involved. The commitment would be for one regular service a month at a local care home.

Members of a team would between them read a bible passage, say a short prayer, sing one or two familiar hymns or share short message and bring a friendly welcome into the home.

Here is the link to the short presentation. ( you don’t need to sign into Dropbox to review and download.)

Office Manager: Marylou Cockshoot

Office: 01323 438527

Local Coordinator: Chris Hart

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