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A 3 year old community-led housing group is getting ready to develop
land and build its first five affordable homes for people in housing need.
There are more than 500 similar groups across the UK, which are on
track to deliver thousands of new homes, and help alleviate the housing crisis.

More than just housing, this movement is all about communities making
supportive, affordable, secure homes, together.

Eastbourne Community Land Trust (ECLT) is a registered Community Benefit Society, and
currently, the Society’s 70 members are looking for new people to get involved. Co-
founder, Sandy Medway says:

“We are local volunteers with a passion to see community led homes make a significant
difference in Eastbourne. Our affordable home ownership scheme will enable people on
low incomes to own their own home and feel secure.”

Anyone can become a CLT Member for just £1 and get involved or have a say in how the
Society is run.

The first housing project is in Langney where we are acquiring a plot of land to build five
new houses (two 3Bed and three 2Bed). These are for key worker families in housing
need and if you know of anyone who may be interested then please encourage them to
get in touch via our website at or via our Facebook page

The Society raises funds through donations, and by raising finance through Community
Shares, Grants, Mortgages, and Investment Loans. The CLT model is a proven,
independent and sustainable way to create affordable housing, through community-led

CLTs are set up and run by local volunteers, and because homes are
subject to an asset lock, community members become long-term stewards of the land it
owns and the homes it builds. This ensures genuine affordability based on what people
actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier.

The Community Land Trust movement is a young and rapidly growing movement in
England, as more and more communities take the future of their neighbourhood into their
own hands. Half the CLTs in the UK were formed in the last few years, and with every site
development, CLT member organisations are encouraged to share good practice.

The Society’s trustees in Eastbourne have benefitted during lockdown from networking with
other CLTs to learn about the progress being made by other community led housing

Chair of Trustees for Eastbourne CLT, Sandy Medway, says, “As a new community-led
housing group, we have learned much during lockdown from other groups, who are ahead
of us with their developments. We are astounded by what they have achieved. As
volunteers we’ve been particularly encouraged and helped by leaders of schemes in
Sussex. The government is channeling funds into community-led housing projects and
Eastbourne CLT is now ready to benefit from this resource.

The guest speaker at the Society’s AGM on 21 October is Tom Warder, leader of the
Sussex Community-led Housing Hub, who will give an overview of the unfolding landscape
of emerging Sussex based CLTs. Members of Eastbourne CLT will also be sharing their
plans for the Langney site, and their passion for making a positive difference. Check out
our Facebook page for details and to get an invite.

Councillor Alan Shuttleworth, and others from Eastbourne Borough Council, have been
hugely supportive of the group, commending their ability to mobilise sufficient interest to
form a committed membership, willing to serve and set up the Society.

To read more, visit the Society’s website at To join the ECLT mailing
list for updates, or to enquire about membership, contact the Society’s Chief Officer, Mrs
Sandy Medway, on 07710 309893, or by email at
To Donate visit or

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