Could Amplify Young Evangelists Academy help you and your church?

Growing youth ministry

Want a stress free way to help your youth ministry grow? Then let the Amplify Young Evangelists Academy help you and your church!

Amplify is the nation’s national Young Evangelists’ Academy for 11-17s. HOPE Together’s Youth Director Dan Randall says, ‘We would love to serve your church and youth ministry by equipping your young people to reach their generation for Jesus, giving them tools to reach out and help others to share their faith too. The Corona-coaster isn’t stopping us raising up the next wave of evangelists!’

Here is a short video which explains Amplify:

The ministries behind Amplify include HOPE Together, Church of England, Scripture Union, Message Trust, Youth For Christ, Pais Movement, Alpha, Luis Palau Association, Redeemed Christian Church of God, Elim, Evangelical Alliance and a number of other partners.

‘We have been dreaming and scheming together to see what would happen if we could raise up the next wave of evangelists in our nation. What if we find the next Billy Graham, Jackie Pullinger, or J John?’ says Dan. ‘The possibilities are endless: a new generation reaching their generation for Jesus, equipping the Church to reach this generation and equipping the next generation to reach the generations to come.’

Amplify is for young people who feel called to be an evangelist, or those who are beginning to exercise the gift of an evangelist. Amplify offers an opportunity for one or two of these young people from each church to join the four-part Amplify programme for a year from January 2022.

Four parts of Amplify online

  1. Gatherings: At the beginning of the year we’ll gather the whole group to begin to dream about what it means to reach a generation for Jesus. Throughout the year there are two residential events which are planned for 1st-3rd October 2021 and 18th-20th March 2022.
  2. Small groups: These will be put together based on age. They’ll meet online and will be facilitated by small group leaders. These will follow the Advance Evangelist Group model (
  3. Specialist mentoring: Evangelism takes place in many different forms from platforms, on social media, through friendships and in many others ways. In Spring 2022 the young people will take part in online Specialist Mentoring sessions with evangelists from all sectors of society. These people are specialists in their field of evangelism.
  4. An ongoing platform for storytelling and testimony: There will be opportunities for the young people to share the stories of how they are reaching a generation for Jesus.

 How do I sign up a young person?

Head to the website: then fill in an application for your young person / young people. Spaces are limited to 100 people nationally and applications close at the end of August 2021. There is a small cost of £30 for each residential, but there is also a bursary for anyone for whom that is not affordable. So sign up your young people quick as spaces are already going fast.


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