East Sussex House of Prayer To Read Whole Bible Aloud Over 4 Days


From Their Press Release

A few weeks ago we sent you an update on the progress of HOPES (House of Prayer EAST Sussex) and we gave you details of the first (opening!) event that God has laid upon our hearts to undertake in partnership with local fellowships.

We are asking for all churches to sign up to a 30 minute slot to proclaim Gods authority in East Sussex through the public reading of his word at the Coach House, situated in Bexhill.

We would love to see as many churches as possible at this event and would not want anything to prevent you not taking part, so please contact us if you need further information or support.

One of the HOPES values is its Integrity and loyalty to God’s Word in all things. We (like you) believe that the spoken word of God is powerful and believe that this is a foundational practice to the formation of HOPES. That is why we would love your help in reading the whole bible from Genesis to Revelation 24 hours a day over 4 days from the 13th – 16th April 2022.

We hope that you and your fellowship will be able to sign up for 30mins (or more) slots throughout the 4 days and we would love to see as many different fellowships to come and read (or listen) together. Remember, it is 24 hours a day! People are free to stay and spend some time listening and praying, with refreshments and snacks provided. Parking is available onsite.

We will be starting the event off with a short service at 10am on Wednesday 13th April and we would love to see as many faces as possible. We will then start our Bible reading at 11am.

We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in (and through) this event and as we believe that this is foundational in establishing a central meeting place for all in the Body of Christ in the south-east region and beyond for the purpose of worship, waiting, prayer and intercession.

For more information about us please visit our website www.hopeastsussex.org

To sign up now please visit https://pray.24-7prayer.com/signup/5ce176 or for more info email info@hopeastsussex.org or call the HOPES team on 07840578677.

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