Eastbourne Christian Resource Centre Finds New Purpose


A new phase of ministry in Devonshire Ward: 

The trustees of Eastbourne Christian Resources CIO (ECR) and  Kingdom Way Trust (KWT) are very pleased to announce a new era in  the use of 91-93 Seaside Road. They have agreed upon a plan to  ensure that the furtherance of the Christian Gospel and advancement  of the Christian faith in the Devonshire Ward of Eastbourne continues  into the future. 

Since 1949 there has been a Christian Resource Centre operating from 91-93 Seaside. The  sale of Christian Books, Bibles and other resources flourished through many turbulent  times. However in recent years it has become increasingly more difficult to sustain a retail  operation.

Along with much of the ‘High Street’ the Eastbourne Christian Resource Centre has been  significantly impacted by the change to ‘online’ shopping and diminishing footfall into the  shop. The repeated lockdowns in 2020 disrupted trading and brought into focus the  concerns the ECR trustees had about continuing retail operations.

It was clear that the charity could not continue to sustain the trading losses incurred by the  bookshop in the last few years, and so it was with some sadness that the Trustees agreed  to cease trading operations at the end of January 2022.

The issue for the ECR trustees, having taken this decision, was what to do with the  freehold property which the charity owned, and from which the bookshop operated.

Around this time KWT indicated that they were looking for a suitable premises as a  weekend drop-in venue for homeless and vulnerable people in the town. In addition, KWT  needed additional space for private appointments; collaborative work with other  agencies; support and recovery groups; Alpha Courses; a meeting place and hub for the  benefit of those they work with.

The trustees of both charities recently met to explore a way forward, which would be in  line with the aims and objectives of both charities. The board of KWT trustees indicated  that the building would indeed be suitable for the projects they had in mind. The board of
ECR trustees determined that the vision of KWT would ensure a continuing Christian  presence in this area of the town and agreed in principle to pass the freehold of the  property onto KWT, subject to Charity Commission approval.

Bob Clark, Chair of the ECR Trustees said;

“We are excited to be able to ‘hand on the baton’ to Kingdom Way Trust, in the progression  of Christian ministry from the Christian Resource Centre premises, after so many fruitful  years. Their vision for building God’s Kingdom is the same as ours – one life at a time”. 

David Barratt, Chair of KWT Trustees commented;

“We would like to express our deep gratitude for this wonderful gesture. This exciting  opportunity has been presented to us through the “gifting” of the Seaside premises to  KWT, for the furtherance of Christian charitable work in our Town. We are truly humbled by  this. All involved at KWT share the same desire as the ECR trustees to see people restored,  renewed and transformed. The strategic proximity of the building, to many of those we  seek to help, means that lives will continue to be impacted and changed through these  premises which have been part of the work of God in the town for over 70 years”. 

The two groups of trustees will now work together to ensure a smooth and speedy  transfer to allow KWT to begin the new phase of Christian ministry at 91-93 Seaside  sometime in 2022.

The Eastbourne Christian Resource Centre will continue retail operations through  the Christmas period and into January before finally closing its doors on 31st January 2022. 


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