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ECLT – Press Release for Eastbourne Churches

Eastbourne Community Land Trust (ECLT) reveals an excting new plan for affordable housing in Eastbourne. You could be a part of our first shared ownership scheme to build five Modular Construcion houses in Langney.

Already ECLT has raised three quarters of the £1 million+ with a combinaion of grants, donations and a mortgage offer. The Council have supplied the site for our five very low energy-cost houses, using airtight construction and super insulation.

Now we need your help to raise the rest of the money to complete the build in 2023. Any resident of Eastbourne could be eligible for one of these fantastic affordable new homes.

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Eastbourne Community Land Trust (ECLT), with the help of Eastbourne Borough Council, has exchanged contracts for the purchase of a redundant garage site in Biddenden Close, Langney, where we will build five affordable houses for joint ownership with local families.

The total cost of the project will be in excess of £1,000,000. We have received donations, grants and a mortgage offer, which covers three-quarters of the expected cost. Our task this summer and Autumn is to raise the rest of the money, so we can build three 3-bed and two 2-bed houses in early 2023.

The freehold of the houses will be held in perpetuity by ECLT, so when a family want to move on, their share of the property is bought back by ECLT and the house offered to another ECLT member on a new shared ownership contract. This means the houses will always be offered to ECLT members at affordable prices, relevant at the time contracts are agreed.

ECLT was established in 2018 by two Christians who share a passion for tackling the affordable housing crisis. We are a Community Benefit Society, recognised by HMRC as a non profit-making exempt charity, and will hold these houses in trust for people resident within, or with strong ties to Eastbourne; i.e key workers, other family members in the town etc. All our trustees have been working as unpaid volunteers for nearly four years to get where we are now.

We need your help to raise the rest of the money needed and to build the houses One of them could be for you or one of your family. Society Membership costs £1 and entitles you to be considered for a house.

The houses are modular construction, designed and built in Newhaven by Boutique Modern, who have just finished 12 flats in Langney Road for the Council. The houses are incredibly energy efficient, with a heat recovery system and heavily insulated. Even with the latest round of energy price rises this autumn, we expect that the average total fuel bill will only be one third of a conventional house. Construction times are very fast, with the house modules arriving on lorries and being craned into position, once the groundworks are completed

Eastbourne Community Land Trust is a non profit -making charity, creating affordable houses for people in Eastbourne; the freeholds being held by ECLT in perpetuity for the benefit of the community.


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