Ellel Glyndley Courses Announced

Here is an update from Ellel Glyndley

New Explore Course starting:

Come and join us for our Explore course which is starting to run from the 18-19th March.  Explore is a series of 10 weekend courses spread over a year designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of learning, understanding and personal transformation. This course answers life’s foundational questions from a solid biblical perspective – perhaps in a way that you have never heard God’s story explained before. Together we will find that there is hope and help for the issues we struggle with in everyday life – issues of anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional distress, problems in relationships, addictive behaviour, and depression to name just a few.

Each of the events in the series will include time for worship, biblical teaching, group discussion, activities, personal reflection, and opportunity for prayer.

Explore offers the opportunity to briefly get away from your everyday world, to enjoy the beautiful grounds and surroundings of our centre and reconnect with God. We have an amazing team that wants to make your visit with us a deeply blessed one.

The first course in this series is titled ‘ The Big Picture’ where it is exploring God’s Foundations for Life.
Please follow the link for more information on the course, https://ellel.uk/courses/listing/ellel-glyndley-manor/march-2022/explore-a1-the-big-picture/

Find our website (with all the latest courses on) at Ellel.org/UK or click here: https://ellel.uk/centre/ellel-glyndley-manor/
Booking office:  01323 440440 or  bookings.glyndley@ellel.org

On the 4 -10th April we have our Restoration week called ‘Rediscovering Identity’. Restoration Weeks are an insightful blend of teaching and ministry, designed to build you back up from a place of woundedness into renewal.

Do you know who you are? Are you living as the person God made you to be? If your answer to these questions is “no” then this week is for you! During the week there is teaching to understand the principles of how our God-given identity can be crushed, distorted or hidden.

With God’s restoration of your innermost being, you can find the truth of your unique personhood and so move into your full potential and find your personal destiny. For the first three days of the Restoration Week, the focus is on teaching, as well as creativity workshops, where you can experiment with new ideas, and times of fellowship. After a free day on Sunday for rest, personal time and assimilation of the teaching, the second half of the week is made up of short teaching sessions with time to pray after each session.

Ellel Glyndley Manor runs four different Restoration Weeks every year, each having a different teaching theme woven in.
For more information on this course please click here https://ellel.uk/courses/listing/ellel-glyndley-manor/april-2022/restoration-week-2-rediscovering-identity-3/

Don’t forget we have a Free Taster Day on the 26th of February This exciting free day will give you the opportunity of tasting some of the foundational teaching of Ellel Ministries as we look at various aspects of healing and discipleship. The day will include what Luke 9:11 means to the ministry, how it all began, some “bite sized” teaching and an opportunity to view one of the holiday cottages on site. Please see here for more information:  https://ellel.uk/courses/listing/ellel-glyndley-manor/february-2022/free-taster-day-at-glyndley-manor-2/

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