Here is an update that may be helpful to many of you in your work in the community
In a nutshell, there will again be no Winter Night Shelter as such. Authorities and professionals are still strongly advising against the former dormitory-style shelter previously provided in Eastbourne by local churches. Those offered accommodation must now have their own room. Another major difference from the former winter night shelter provision – where guests often stayed for some while – is that this winter’s provision is emergency provision (1-4 nights: see below).
As you will know, when SWEP is activated (as it is for this weekend), the Council will offer emergency accommodation as appropriate on those nights. However, when SWEP is not activated rough sleepers are rarely offered accommodation by the Council on the same day that the application is made. And so this winter, from next Monday (6th December) until 28th February (ie the former winter night shelter period) Kingdom Way Trust will be offering an emergency ‘same day’ bed on non-SWEP days. Accommodation will normally be provided for a single night, giving a breathing space for someone to be assessed, or for alternative arrangements to be made. Funding of the project should, however, enable a client to be accommodated for up to a maximum of 4 nights (eg at a weekend, until the assessment process can begin).
Guests will be accommodated in SDR (Jevington Gardens).
More information about how the scheme will operate is contained in the attached summary.
In deciding whether to make a referral, it will be extremely helpful if the referring agency could run through the ‘Criteria for acceptance’ listed in the attached, ie:
a) Confirmation that without emergency accommodation, the individual would be sleeping rough that night
b) That the individual has not previously been convicted of arson, or a sexual offence;
c)  That neither drugs nor alcohol are permitted on the premises.
Full name, date of birth, and NI number (if known) should be established.
Also ‘local connection’ should be clarified. Ie has the potential guest been in Eastbourne for 6 out of the past 12 months, or for 3 of the past 5 years; or does the individual have close family who’ve been in Eastbourne for the past 5 years; his/her reason for coming to Eastbourne. If the individual fails this ‘test’ they may nevertheless be offered emergency accommodation under the scheme; but their answers will be a key factor in our deciding the number of nights that may be offered.
Referrals can be made to me on 07932 407730 from Monday morning 6th December. But as mentioned above, if SWEP is still operating on Monday – referrals should be to the Council.
I how this is helpful.
Graham (Horsnell)
KIngdom Way Trust/EBC

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