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We would like to invite you to our long weekend course titled ‘Healing through Creativity’. This creativity course is not simply an opportunity to do crafts and creative activities, instead, God uses the creativity to reach us deep on the inside. It provides an opportunity for connection – real connection with God and others. A kind of connection that happens when God’s Spirit touches our heart and where our mind is not dictating the process.

If you feel an ache in your heart for a deeper connection with God, then this course may be the key to experiencing God’s healing heart in way you never have before.

The course includes short teachings alongside practical workshop sessions which could include Woodwork, Pottery, Painting & Drawing, Music, Drama, Messy painting, Creative writing, Card making, Textiles, Collage & Lego! The teaching will cover the following topics: God the Creator and Restorer, Abundant Life, Freedom to be and grow, What is creativity and how we create, Creative but not artistic, How God brings healing through creativity and Coming to God as children.

“God has shown me His love. That He truly cares for me and wants the very best for me. He has forgiven me for how I have been feeling towards Him and others.” Testimony from a guest.

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If you are local you might like to join us for our second Connect course, we have run this year titled ‘ Living Connected’. We talk more nowadays about connection than ever before, often in terms of connecting to the internet or mobile signal. Connecting to the heart of God can have similar frustrations: lack of clarity, inability to make things work, lack of understanding and knowledge … it can all contribute to a frustrated Christian life. Since we are made as creative beings, in the image of Creator God, creativity often allows us to connect to God in a fresh and deeper way. It isn’t about being artistic or gifted at crafts, rather it is allowing an expression of the human spirit that goes beyond the constraints of words or through life’s filters and perceptions.

Throughout this day there will be there will be plenty of opportunity for guided and creative projects aimed at facilitating a deeper connection with God and allow Him to speak directly into your heart.
Registration starts at 9.30 with the course starting at 10am & finishes at 3pm so perfect to fit in with the school run, costing £20 it includes all materials, coffee/tea & lunch.
Contact our Booking Office on 01323 440440 or email

We have parallel courses running on the 20-22nd May titled ‘Men for God’ & ‘Healing for Women’

Healing for Women
In these days there are many pressures on women, juggling family & work life, being single or married, pressures to perform and ‘look right’, not to mention coping with issues of the past including relationship breakdowns.

With biblical, relevant, sensitive and practical teaching for women of all ages, this course considers many of the issues you face today in light of biblical truth and the heart of God who longs to see you live in the freedom of just being yourself. The teaching is specifically related to women and women’s issues, taking time to look at past wounding, today’s struggles and gain a deeper understanding God’s plan for you as a woman.

Men for God
Being a man of God yet a man in the world can be extremely conflicting. Navigating life can be fraught with pressures, stumbling blocks and uncertainties which can make it seem impossible to succeed as a man after God’s heart.
This practical and challenging course considers the true meaning of manhood as God intended it to be and what you are created for.

It will explore common areas of difficulty men fall into, looking at how the past has contributed to creating wrong pathways for your present and future, maybe leaving you with a sense of failure and you are ‘just not good enough’. Looking at your God-given identity, with your unique gifts and qualities, it seeks to strengthen your relationship with God and your view of yourself in order to enable you to be able to withstand the pressures, temptations and expectations the world throws at you.
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