Glyndley Manor Events in March

  • God’s Plans and Purposes for My Life (Explore B1)                     1-2 March

We can easily lose sight of God’s plans and purposes for our lives, through our busyness or from our insecurities, fears and negative experiences.

the Scriptures are clear that the only way we can truly fulfil God’s plans and purposes in life are to be an active part of His family.

This course will give an eternal perspective of what it means to fulfil our plans and purposes in God’s family and how we can grow and flourish in that place of belonging and rest. It will look at what it means to share in His work, pray His family prayer and draw strength from the family for your everyday life.

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  • Time Out for Married Couples                                                7-10 March 

Retreat, Refreshing & Renewal for Married Couples

With marriages facing so many pressures, ‘Time out for Married Couples’ is designed to do just that, to give you some quality time out in order to bless you, acknowledge the struggles, and help you flourish in your marriage.

Whether you’re recently married or have been married for many years, this course is designed to help couples who want to enter more fully into God’s plans and purposes for their marriage and to enjoy their lives together.

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Restoration Week 2 – Rescue from Rejection                15-21 March

Rejection is something we all experience to one degree or another and the reality is it hurts and it affects how we perceive ourselves, our lives, other people and even God. Being rejected or living with feelings from past rejections can steal our enjoyment of life and leave us feeling depressed or with a sense of not belonging which can even drive us to reject others. But God wants us to know that we are totally acceptable to Him, despite our pasts, our fears and our failings, and He longs to heal our hurts and help us move forward into a full and certain knowledge of being loved.

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Deeper Intimacy with God                                                                         22-23 March        (Explore A2)

It is an amazing truth that God wants us to truly know Him – not just to know about Him. Many of us would say we long for a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God but we can struggle to know how to attain this.

As we explore the truth of who He is on this course, the teaching aims to expose any distorted views of God we may hold and how they can prevent us from experiencing the deep and intimate relationship our Heavenly Father yearns to have with each one of us.

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