Glyndley Manor Training & Ministry Events – May & June 2023

Explore is a series of weekend courses designed to train and equip God’s people through a journey of learning, understanding and personal transformation.


Together we will find that there is hope and help for the issues we struggle with in everyday life – issues of anxiety, stress, physical pain, emotional distress, problems in relationships, addictive behaviour and depression to name just a few.

Those who journey through Explore will grow in their personal relationship with the Lord but also become better equipped to help others as they learn how to minister in the love and power of God to those in need.

Each of the events in the series will include time for worship, biblical teaching, group discussion, activities and opportunity for prayer.

 EXPLORE A3: THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS                           19-20 MAY

When Jesus spoke from the Cross, “Father forgive them”, He released to humankind an immensely powerful key for restoration from the bondage of pain from the past. For true freedom we need not only to receive God’s forgiveness for our own sinful actions, but we need to extend forgiveness to all those who have hurt us, however difficult this may be.

Unlocking this pivotal Kingdom principle, this course we will explore the damage caused when there is unforgiveness, judgement and bitterness in our hearts and how to face the many challenges of applying this key to the painful areas of our lives. Breaking the subject down into four main principles and looking at each one will highlight just how central a topic this is to our wellbeing, not just spiritually, but how it can also affect us emotionally and even physically.

Throughout the course there will be personal times with God for Him to bring conviction, healing and restoration from the damage that unforgiveness can inflict upon you, unlocking a pathway to true and sustained healing.

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When:  3rd June

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When:  16th – 17th June

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Revive (free)

When:  13th June

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When:  23rd-24th June

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