Hope Woodwork Seeking Volunteer Supervisors

Hope Woodwork – An opportunity to bring Hope in a practical way.

We are receiving many enquiries from people asking to attend Hope Woodwork. In order to support and train all those who want to come we need new volunteer supervisors. These are people who are interested in supporting people as they learn new skills in carpentry and also gain valuable life skills and receive hope for a better future. If you or someone you know have time available, typically half or one day a week and would be interested in finding out more then please contact us. Woodworking skills are useful but not essential for this role. We’re happy to train you too!

Seeing people develop in their practical and life skills is very rewarding.

There are also other roles available that would help Hope Woodwork fulfil its aims such as collecting wood and tidying/cleaning in the workshop.

Please contact Ray Whitby ray@hopewoodwork.co.uk 07546 256411

Hope Woodwork is a project of Kingdom Way Trust www.kingdomwaytrust.org

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  1. Very encouraged to read of this lovely initiative. Our enabled (disabled) daughter of 29 years did some woodworking skills during her teenage years while in education in the London area. We have lived here in retirement for five years now. Jennifer is eager to use her skills, learn new, inspire and create beautiful relationships with needy people all over the world. Our eldest son was born in Ireland, our second son was born in England and our daughter was born in Pakistan. Our sons spent seven years overseas with us in Bangladesh and Pakistan, had home school, mainstream, christian and boarding school education learnt woodwork skills too and new languages, our daughter traveled between England and Pakistan during the first year of her life then returned to the UK for her better health sake. After the death of my mother with cancer – our father re-married so we returned to get to know a a step-family who lived between Canada, Africa, Thailand and England. We have traveled overseas for work and holidays and embrace a rich cultural experience. We wish to ask if there are disabled friendly facilities that you are working in? Is there access to large spaces? Is it at all confined? Are the clients allowed to work at their own pace? Is the choice of time and day fixed? Perhaps you will let us know some more information. We would like to express our interest, our desire to help, to achieve, to learn and create. I would love to learn this new skill. . I have loved assisting our children and admiring their handiwork of course. Our little grandson of 15 months has already started in the creative field with three beautiful hand and finger paintings. I would be coming along (at my daughter’s invitation) to assist as her parent/carer/supporter/special needs assistant teacher/minister of religion/personal assistant/advocate.


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