Keeping the Digital Church Doors Open After the Pandemic

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The Hybrid Church Charter

During the Pandemic the forced suspension of on-site services caused a transformation in how individuals connected with church.

As the building doors slammed shut the digital doors swung wide open.

For many people, especially for those whom are unable to attend on-site church services and activities due to health issues, disability or lack of accessibility measures, the emergence of digital opening allowed them access and equality with those who had always taken this access for granted.

Whereas before there were pioneering groups forging new paths, now we needed main roads, digital highways, mass connections. For those that had not ever considered attending a church service, many sampled what church is like through live streams and social media.

The digital generation discovered that the church had something to say to them on the platforms and devices through which they live their lives. People connected to church across borders, cultures and traditions.

As social distancing regulations are relaxed it is vital that as we re-open the building doors of the church that we do not shut the digital doors!

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