Local Christian Author now has book in print after response to E Book

Anglican lay leader and the editor of many Christian classics, Richard Herkes, has news of his own persoanl writing project.

Following on from the e-book release of my novel Ariel: No Name Under Heaven, I’m delighted to let you know that the book is now available in paperback. I’ve been encouraged by the responses so far to the digital edition, but I know that many folk wanted to wait for the printed version.

In order to keep the price down, it is currently only available on Amazon. You can purchase it here:

At 740 pages, it’s been a challenge to keep the price down. If I do eventually widen distribution through bookshops, the price will have to rise by almost half as much again.

If you decide to purchase it, I’d love to hear from you. All comments welcome – it would be great to get some conversations going (see Chapter 18…). And my thanks to those sharp-eyed readers of the digital edition who alerted me to a few issues that need fixing or smoothing.

From the very start of writing this, I’ve seen it as a story that could get conversations going across the spectrum of religious belief, or none. If it proves useful in that way (as well as providing an entertaining read), I’ll be content.


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