London Institute for Contemporary Christianity Grasp the Whole Life Discipleship Nettle

Over the years, at LICC, we’ve noticed that some churches grasp the vision of whole-life disciplemaking, and they make real progress. And then – well, all kinds of things happen. The vision fades, other demands shout louder, key leaders or influencers move on, ideas run dry, discouragement sets in. It goes on the back burner. Or it becomes ‘that thing we used to do’.

Then there are others who, despite facing many challenges, keep whole-life disciplemaking not just going, but growing.

Over the summer and autumn of 2020, we conducted in-depth research with eight UK churches, representing a range of sizes, denominations, and geographical locations. Making whole-life disciples has been significant for them for at least five years, and some have been going for around 20 years.

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