More Courses at Glyndley Manor

Here is the latest update from Ellel Ministries

On January 28th – 31st we have our first Healing weekend of the year called ‘Steps to restoring emotional wholeness’.
This special weekend is designed for ordinary people who find expressing their emotions difficult. This course will bring understanding of why we find it hard to express our emotions and how Jesus is able to bring healing and wholeness in expressing ourselves emotionally. Please find more information for this course here:

On the 18 -24th February we have our Restoration week called ‘Rebuilding Lives’. Restoration Weeks are an insightful blend of teaching and ministry, designed to build you back up from a place of woundedness into renewal. Ellel Glyndley Manor runs four different Restoration Weeks every year, each having a different teaching theme woven in.

On the 26th of February we have a Free Taster Day where you can explore all that we do at Glyndley Manor.  This exciting free day will give you the opportunity of tasting some of the foundational teaching of Ellel Ministries as we look at various aspects of healing and discipleship. The day will include what Luke 9:11 means to the ministry, how it all began, some “bite sized” teaching and an opportunity to view one of the holiday cottages on site. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

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