Praying for Every Street in Eastbourne Using the Oikos App

The OIKOS Outreach App

Wouldn’t it be great if we could reach every street and home in our country with the good news about Jesus? If everyone knew that God says to them, ‘You are my child whom I love’ (based on Mark 1:16).

Making a Difference

27,200,000+ Homes
260,000 Streets/Roads/Lanes
Is possible…it starts with one street, one home and one prayer. Could that be yours?

Using the App
The Oikos Outreach App allows you to tag where you have prayed, cared and shared the love of Jesus with people. Your street, road, lane, home…it starts wherever you are. The tags are saved on the app. You can see where you have been and where others have been too. Become part of a movement trying to reach the whole nation for Jesus street by street, home by home…to the last home.

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