Susie Marriott Calls Us to Support Christian Aid and Their Gift Multiplier Programme

This is a message from Susie Marriott

Hello dear friends! 

Last year I gave some money to Christian Aid and, in their partnership with UN Food Aid Programme, my meagre gift was matched/multiplied x 50 in three situations of extreme hunger: 1)in the violence of NE Nigeria helping 400,000 displaced people;  2)amidst Covid-19, regular Ebola outbreaks and a vicious cycle of violence in DRC empowering people to cope and start to build a peaceful society; 3) nearly 870,000 refugees from Myanmar in Bangladesh, many of them Rohingyas, vulnerable to Covid-19 and flooding being helped with improved hygiene facilities and infrastructure and a cash-for-work programme.  The World Food Programme has the resources and expertise of large-scale operations, and Christian Aid has relationships in the communities affected.  As well as the immediate food aid, there are the longer-term elements such as employing and paying refugees, developing skills for the future etc.

I feel very passionate about this – WFP are so pleased with the success of this partnership, they are offering this 50 times multiplying-up again this harvest, to continue this work.  I am sure there are some of you who would love to give a pound, knowing it would become £50 to help in these conflict-affected communities.  Donations can be given online through the page below.  What do you think?  Every blessing,  Susie xx

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