Tuesday 8th – Discover more about Ashburnham Place & Westminster Theological College

Christian Church, Community & industry Leader’s Lunch “Making Community”

About this event

Christian Church, Community & industry Leader’s Lunch “Making Community”The Pandemic brought with it isolation, loneliness and disruption of life that will continue to effect our churches and local communities and work places deeply in the months and years to come. As Christian Leaders, we are uniquely placed to lead into and through community.

Come and join us for a delicious three course lunch and a chance to make new connections, grow your network of support and exchange, and discuss what Christian Leadership out of a Pandemic might look like.

Ashburnham Christian Trust has partnered with WTC Theology to equip and send the whole people of God. This working lunch will therefore also be an opportunity to meet with Dr Jasper Knecht, Dean of Postgraduate Studies at WTC and Martina La Trobe-Bateman our very own WTC Hub Director at Ashburnham Place, to explore how local, spirit filled, part time, academic theological training might serve your local context and form part of your post- pandemic growth and recovery program.

“As part of the program Dr Jasper Knecht will speak briefly on a theology of work and the way in which a Christian understanding of work and the human person can qualify and inform one’s attitude and place in the workplace.”

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