Victoria Baptist Hosts Weekly Prayer for Ukraine Every Thursday

Victoria Baptist Church has strong links with Hope Lebedyn,a church group in a small, poor town in Ukraine where the local church continues its outreach to the community, amidst this war. They serve local Christians and their families but also refugees from Russian bombardment, homes for the elderly and an orphanage. The young pastor is seeing about 200 coming to their Bible study, and many to services daily, yet they are not so far from the Russian border. God has so far made provision for them and whatever they receive in foodstuff or practical items, those are shared with others in need including the local hospital, and families of those serving in their defence.

However, Needs grow as others made homeless then arrive in the area. Because the children are not allowed by law to go to school, or go out without parental oversight because of land mines – sometimes put in toys,- the children are suffering increasingly with stress and anxiety; and so there is still a great need to pray for our brothers and sisters there.

The church in Lebedyn continues to minister to local people and holds youth camps for all ages and a teenage Bible study group. The folk there are hungry for the word of God, and are always seeking more Bibles for all ages, in their own language.
There are many needs for prayer in these times but If this concerns you, and God lays it on your heart, there is a regular prayer meeting at Victoria Baptist Church on Thursday evenings for one hour from 7.30 pm.

In addition there is the following call to pray tomorrow Wednesday 24th especially for Ukraine as Russia has promised another attack, and is getting support and arms from Iran to do that. See the following link.

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