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EXPLORE – Lost and Found          24 – 25 June

Exploring the Remedy for Rejection


If there is one thing that would really change our sense of well-being it is to know that we are unconditionally loved and accepted. The scriptures tell us that God loves all He has created and that when we accept Jesus as our Saviour, we are fully part of God’s family again. Yet we can find it so hard to personally accept this truth and live in the abundant life promised to us.

Even as Christians we sometimes feel as if we are lost sheep who desperately desire and need to be found and embraced by the Good Shepherd but then sense of inadequacy, guilt and shame can hold us back.

This course will explore how rejection first came into the world and how you can develop distorted beliefs about your own acceptability to God, to others and even to yourself. If you can assuredly know the truth of who God is and who you really are then, undoubtedly, your life will be transformed.


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Exploring How to Deal with Difficult Emotions


From the ups to the downs, emotions are an essential part of being human. Without them our relationships are empty and mechanical and our lives grey and colourless.

Yet many of us struggle with our emotions, often trying to deny and even crush them because they seem to be the cause of our problems. The reality is that some emotions seem very hard to handle; they can be overwhelming, seem unacceptable or even feel destructive.

This course seeks to bring a full understanding of what your emotions are, why they exist and how you can handle them in a godly way. It will unpick the intricacies of difficult emotions such as grief, anger and jealousy, and how God has purposed for you to find release and His comfort, so you can move safely through the turmoil and find a new place of rest.


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Healing Weekend: Restoring Relationships 15-18 July

Are you struggling to experience real joy and blessing from your relationships?



Do you struggle to develop good relationships? What about the most important relationship of all, the one with our Heavenly Father – do you long for a deeper relationship with Him?

God created us to relate with others – our neighbours, workmates, fellow Christians, marriage partner and members of our families – but these relationships are often flawed and can become a source of pain and misery. Maybe there are behaviours that you can’t seem to overcome or fears that grip you and hold you back from being able to relate. Then this extended weekend is for you!

This special 4-Day Healing Weekend is designed for ordinary people who find relationships difficult. This course will bring understanding of how to move toward giving and receiving in healthy relationships and how to be free from unhealthy relationships that have affected us in the past. It is so important because right relationships, both with God and with other people, are central to the whole of life.

Find out more: https://ellel.uk/courses/listing/ellel-glyndley-manor/july-2022/healing-weekend-restoring-relationships/

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