A Call to Holiness


Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre’s next teaching day “Call to Holiness” is on Wednesday 9thAugust led by Revd Steve Gendall. 

Here’s what Steve says about the day: Have you ever been apologised to when people learn you are a follower of Jesus?  I sometimes get it, as a Vicar. Usually, it’s because they have used dirty language.  Bishop Richard Jackson once said that we should consider ‘holiness’ as a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is hard not to be moved, in the presence of holiness.

The Scriptures reveal the impact holiness can make. Yet they also show how easily it can be missed.  The command is very clear; ‘Be holy, for I the Lord you God, am holy’.  All followers of Jesus are holy, are being made holy (we have a significant part to play in this!) and will one day be completely holy.

If you’re interested in your call to holiness, come along and let’s learn to be more confident in who we are in Christ.  To book call 01424 830204 or visit www.crowhursthealing.org.uk.  £30 per person including lunch and refreshments or £10 via Zoom.  The day runs from 10am – 4pm.


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