Building Our Children’s Wellbeing

If you’re a dad, mum, grandparent or anyone wanting to help children build strong emotional wellbeing, join us for this popular Care for the Family event.

Anxiety levels and struggles with mental wellbeing are on the rise in children, but mums and dads have incredible power to help their kids build strong emotional resilience. This event from Care for the Family, explores how we can do this.

At A Mind of Their Own they’ll look at the unique opportunities and pressures facing young people today, as well as the science of the mind, and why children act and react the way they do. You’ll come away with practical tools to see your children through the difficult times, and are-established confidence in knowing you’re the best person to help your child.

Tuesday, October 10 · 7:30 – 10pm BST

Kings Church

27 Edison Road Eastbourne BN23 6PT


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