Matthew 25 Mission Update Their Supporters

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first newsletter written specifically for local churches and other religious organisations, a sector which includes many of the Mission’s most important and devoted supporters. We thank you for your continued partnership in this important ministry , fulfilling Jesus’ command, as recorded in Matthew’s gospel.

The year just ended was particularly challenging for the Mission, as the  impacts of the pandemic, especially the rise in demand for our services and the strain on our human and material resources, continued unabated. To make matters worse, very little of the emergency funding that had been available in 2020 was on offer in 2021. It is no exaggeration to say that the Mission is facing an existential crisis and the trustees and manager are straining every sinew to secure funding to     ensure that the neediest people in the local community continue to receive support.

As well as indicating our financial needs, we ask you to support our dedicated staff in prayer as they constantly deal with tragic and complex human situations that are beyond the abilities of human beings. The constant stress of listening to and offering practical and emotional support to so many different people in need can have a negative effect on their own lives and families. Pray for the power of God to keep them on an even keel.


What the Mission Provides

Food Aid, up to 50,000 nutritious meal every year

Material Aid including clothing, bedding, essential travel, medical supplies, kitchen equipment

Keyworker Support, including practical guidance, active listening and immediate problem solving

Signposting to other agencies with additional advocacy support as required
Activities designed to encourage engagement, interest, diversion, skills  development, social interaction.

Spiritual Nourishment: Our full-time chaplain, Peter Thorley, provides a range of support to those who are spiritually hungry, bringing the Love of Jesus to those in need through practical prayer.

The Mission has a team of five employees, about forty volunteers and a board of seven trustees. Our funding is provided by grants and donations. In total, we support approximately 500 guests per annum and, during the last three years, have provided services to 1,040 guests.

May the God of peace bless you for your generosity in prayer and giving.

Lesley Dawson & Sally Johnson




Thanks to the following for recent donations: Our Lady of Ransom; Kings Church; St Mary’s Willingdon; St John’s Meads; Herstmonceux Free Church; Welcome Baptist Church; Fatfleshed Ministry; Living Stones; Christ The King; St Joachim’s; Holy Trinity; Trinity Church Willingdon;

Emmanuel Church.


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