Succesful Asylum Seekers Need Homes. Can you help?

Do you know of a property which could be rented out (managed at no extra charge by an experienced property manager) and could also benefit local refugees?

Sanctuary is looking to connect a property owner who wishes to receive rental income and at the same time support people who have just been given their refugee status with a very experienced property owner and manager who is already successfully managing other properties with refugee tenants and other vulnerable adults.  If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, please contact us on

Many of you will know that the Home Office is granting asylum to individuals from countries where there is a proven track record of civil war, persecution and torture.  The difficulty is that these individuals, when they receive their refugee status, only have between 7-28 days to find somewhere to live and a means of financially supporting themselves.   Sanctuary is working with these individuals in partnership with other agencies and organisations to help them to find work, financially support themselves and find somewhere to live.  Despite some successes, it is very difficult to achieve this in such a short time and, as a result, some are sadly forced to sleep rough.  Where we have supported the individuals to find housing and employment, they have been able to contribute positively to the local community and to support themselves effectively so we know that housing is a key contributor to success.  The property manager who is willing to take on an additional property in Eastbourne already manages several properties with refugee tenants and other vulnerable adults and has a transparent, effective and supportive system in place which is working well.  Your support in helping us to find housing for refugees could literally change someone’s life for good so please have a think about your network in case there is anyone you know who might like to get involved.  Thank you.

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